A Webinar on the Importance and Effectiveness of ‘Explainer Videos’ for New Companies

An explainer video can be an important element of your marketing plan, especially if you are a brand new business with a brand new concept. An Explainer Video is usually made with animation or live footage to tell a story about your business. They usually describe how a product works, how a website works or describes the background of a concept. These videos give consumers a better understanding of your business’s purpose and goals. With a better understanding of what you are offering, consumers are more inclined to return for business.

According to Unbounce.com, Explainer Videos are the secret conversion weapon. Dropbox is a great example of a company who added an Explainer Video to their website and within a month had 750,000 views causing a 10% increase in conversion rates. The 10% increase in conversion rates resulted in several thousand extra sign ups per day. Alimah references a case study on DemoDuck.com and explains the benefits of why an Explainer Video can be beneficial to your business in this webinar.


DISCLAIMER: This specific post is a submitted assignment for my Master’s in Public Relations program.

Summer Redwine: An Event Planner for Unique Weddings on Lower Budgets

Event planning for a wedding can be one of the most stressful jobs for a bride to be. A wedding planner can help alleviate a lot of this stress with their organizational skills, knowledge of the process, and their contacts.

Summer Redwine is the owner of Orange Grove and Honey Bee, an event planning company based out of Orlando, Florida that specializes in unique weddings on lower budgets. In this interview, Summer states how she works with DIY couples in bringing their concepts to life. These couples are usually the creative-type that enjoy making things from scratch and sometimes have a friend or family member who offer to help with music or making the baked goods for the event. Summer also breaks down the wedding planning process and provides advice on event planning for a wedding. To contact Summer, you can follow her on Twitter or send her a message through Facebook.

HubSpot Academy Hosts Webinar: Building a Better Social Business

On February 11, Mark Kilens, a leader at the Hubspot Academy, along with Amy Ullman, hosted a series of 3 webinars, one of which I recently viewed. HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and sales solution, a place where you can get help transforming your business. The purpose of the webinar is to help PR Professionals and Marketers effectively build their company’s social media presence. To achieve this, they covered topics on myth busting in social media and marketing, they broke down the different social media platforms, covered buyer personas, SEO, and how social media fits into marketing.

It is imperative to utilize social media correctly as a PR professional. According to the 2012 State of Inbound Marketing document, “Direct mail, trade shows, and telemarketing are losing traction.” Sixty-two percent of respondents say social media leads have become the more important sources of leads. Facebook alone has 1.19 billion users across 126 countries. Facebook can now be utilized as a search method to research. Twitter is also more than just a social network; it has turned into platform database with 2.1 Billion searches a day.

The result of this webinar succeeded in delivering its intent to help build your social media presence by pointing out the misconceptions of social media. For instance, social media does create quality traffic. It has a higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing does. Conversion rates are also twice as high for social media than they are organic. Social media is not only for awareness and visibility, it is good at every stage of the methodology from attracting through delighting.

The webinar is sponsored on HubSpot and hosted by Mark Kilens. It is fifty-nine minutes long, archived, and still available to watch. No registration is needed.

“HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing document shows an infographic of how sources of leads have become more important over the last six months.”

“HubSpot’s State of Inbound Marketing document shows an infographic of how sources of leads have become more important over the last six months.”

Mid Park Prints – Modern Prints Influenced by Mid-Century Design

MidPark Prints Logo

MidPark Prints Logo

MidPark • Prints
[mid-park-prints] • proper noun
Mid:mid-century + Park:Parker = MidPark Prints

If you’re attracted to the slightly more organic presentation in furniture, rather than the formal-traditional nature of it, Mid Park Prints on Society6 by Kaycee Parker is where you want to be for prints that cater to this style. Mid Park Prints is Kaycee Parker’s Society6 page where she features original mid-century modern designs available for purchase in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for the perfect gift with a charming illustration, Mid Park Prints mostly likely has it. A framed print with an engaging and thoroughly executed design, will look great on your walls or on your desk at work. It doesn’t end here, Mid Park Prints has mugs, t-shirts, cellphone cases, stretched canvases, etc. The options are endless.

Screen shots

Kaycee Parker, a graphic designer and illustrator based out of Orlando, Florida, has worked in the industry since 2009. Her journey did not begin there though. From a very young of 8 years old, she began coloring and drawing, and was set on being an artist when she grew up. Her passion for art expanded when she was introduced to digital art in 2001, which then lead her to enroll at Full Sail University where she received her Bachelors of Science in Digital Arts and Design. Kaycee also enjoys searching and collecting mid-century modern furniture. She’s grown to appreciate the quality of these finds. Her recent-found love for this aesthetic has unquestionably influenced her perception of beauty, thus persuading her style. Kaycee Parker’s primary effort is to bring color and cheer into your home through her prints.

Follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Check out her Dribbble and if attracted to mid-century findings around Central Florida, visit her tumblr for the latest local findings. Most importantly, make a personal purchase or purchase a gift off of Mid Park Prints.


Subsynct – The Web App Built to Market and Manage Your Subscription Services

Subsynct logo

Subsynct logo

Subsynct launches on June 13th, 2014! Subsynct is a web application, developed as a subscription service marketplace with a social factor. It is a one-stop place where people can browse and shop for any video, audio, dating, reading, and box subscription service. Not only can you browse, you can compare subscriptions too. It is a place where you can manage current subscriptions to stay organized, a place for ratings and reviews, and a place to get suggestions for subscriptions that might suit you. The social factor comes from a feature it offers, where you can login with your Facebook, follow your friends, and see what subscriptions your friends have. Don’t get left behind. Sign up early and browse around!

I am working with Subsynct to produce a PR campaign that will focus on developing and expanding their social media presence that will result in exposure. Subsynct’s primary effort is to build an application for an industry that has become increasingly relevant and abruptly saturated. Administering primary market research through survey has proven it is only the beginning of the subscription services industry. Secondary research findings prove the relevance of subscription growth over the years. Inc.com says, “subscription box services are here to stay”. Thus, an application that contributes to the trend, can only anticipate triumph.

Screen shot from Subsynct.com

Screen shot from Subsynct.com

For more information on Subsynct, follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Moving forward, things to expect:
• Further develop and improve the design of the application with continued primary research.
• Expand on social media presence for exposure.
• Increase traffic to Subsynct.com


Flipboard: The Must-Have App for PR Professionals

Posted in 2013 Photo by: Inside Flipboard

Posted in 2013 Photo by: Inside Flipboard

Digital users are all fully aware of the technology addiction, mobile application usage, that is taking over the world. The use of mobile apps has become second nature for most people. It is only fair to say, as a Public Relations professional, we are obliged to stay current with these ways. Being new to the PR world, I am also learning that social media takes priority. Combining these two factors only makes sense to find the best app for PR professionals that will help you stay up to date with the excess amount of social media platforms.

Lucky for us, the digital world is thriving. Flipboard, rated one of the best apps for PR professionals, is a social media app with content organization features. Flipboard composes a digital magazine by combining information from all your social media platforms, plus has the ‘Discover Mode’ option to explore and add topics that interest you and are geared to your industry, such as Business, Technology, Travel, News, Music, etc.… It is completely customizable by your interests and does live updating, therefore always viewing the most current status from all your synced social media. It is an incredibly useful app for PR professionals that allows you to engage in a wide variety of media, but still control the overload of information that we have at our fingertips.


One of the significant setbacks Flipboard has, is the limitations when interacting with your social media sites. Although it has the option to view your social media feed, it does not allow you to post from Flipboard to social media with a fresh statement. It only permits commenting on or sharing already posted topics.

Easy to Use

Flipboard’s sleek look and friendly user interface continues to retain user’s attention. Not only does the elegant design of the app keep us coming back, but also the way the app actually feels like you are flipping through a digital magazine is inviting and attractive to the eye.

My Wish App

My ideal app for a PR professional would be a combination of Flipboard and have some of the capabilities that Google+ has. To have the option of communicating and sharing information as Google+ does with their ‘wall’ and ‘Google Hangouts’ features, would be fitting for a Public Relations professional. We also know that an important quality a PR professional should have is staying organized. With an app that can help achieve this and contribute to keeping you informed with current news is ideal for someone in the industry. We can only hope for an app with this integration to hit the market soon.


An App to Help Foster Abandoned Animals

In 2013, statistics for abandoned animals to enter a shelter went up by almost a million. Six to eight million animals enter animal shelters nationwide every year. Currently, in the United States, 64% of all incoming animals left at a government-run shelter are euthanized.
This is a cause I feel strongly about and with an app to help spread the word of this tragic epidemic, it can also help educate people on the opportunity save an animals life. Fostering animals can prevent shelters from euthanizing them and gives them the opportunity to find a home with the help of your temporary care.

The app would start with finding your location and asking you the distance-range you are willing to travel. It would have a list of shelters in your area that offer foster programs. The app would be user friendly with primarily photographs and brief descriptions on the main page of your local search. We want the viewers to instantly be endeared by the charm in the photographs. Each photo will allow you to click on and get further information of each foster prospect. The app will also have a community board that supports interaction with current foster parents and potential foster parents who have concerns and questions about the foster programs.

Fostering an animal can be a great experience and positive achievement. A stigma that comes with adopting an animal is having to fully commit for a lifetime. The idea of this can be overwhelming and usually discourages people from the thought. Fostering an animal is a way to get the best of both worlds, along with what is most important, saving an animals life. With an app that directs you straight to the source, it will encourage other animal shelters to join the movement and embark in foster programs, thus, improving the statistics of abandoned animals.