Alimah Shae Rodriguez, pronounced ‘Aleema’, is a graphic designer during the week and portrait photographer on the weekends. She works on a production team at Full Sail University, creating content for online degree programs. Alimah also attended Full Sail for her undergraduate degree in Digital Arts aheadshotnd Design. Some of her work can be viewed on Flickr (flickr.com/photos/alimahshae/) and Dribble (dribbble.com/alimahshae).

Prior to her college education, Alimah worked in sales and customer service for six years. This experience molded her to be a very social person. Alimah is far from your stereotypical graphic designer. She is extremely extroverted, loves meeting new people, and is always finding ways to network. Thus, a master’s degree in Public Relations is a perfect segue. She has a refined eye for the design world and is remarkably driven to learn. She also loves staying up-to-date with the current ways of the industry, for example, joining the local organization Ad2. It is an organization made up of passionate individuals in Central Florida who want to further their career in the industry. She hopes to utilize her current expertise and new knowledge to become a powerhouse PR professional.

It is Alimah’s goal to work in the entertainment industry as a Press Manager for broadcast, sports and/or the gaming world.

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